IFTA Tax Reporting

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ATS provides your company with all of the tools necessary to help you with your Automated IFTA Tax Reporting.

State Mileages are automatically calculated, Fuel Purchases can be easily tracked and IFTA State Tax Rates are automatically updated when released by IFTA.Org on a Quarterly basis.

Some of the powerful tools included in the Automated IFTA Tax Reporting module of the ATS Application Suite are:

Standard IFTA Tax

Reporting Features

Automatic Mileage & Fuel Calculations

Mileage is tracked per Vehicle, Driver, Fleet, State and Date in our ELD Application.

IFTA Fuel Tax Rates

State IFTA Tax Rates are automatically downloaded when released from the IFTA.ORG Website.

Single Button Click Reporting

State IFTA Tax Reporting is done with a single button click. Reporting is done per vehicle and per Motor Carrier.

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