Employee Compliance

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Our DOT Employee Compliance Solution automates the monitoring of various regulatory requirements and simplifies achieving and sustaining DOT Compliance throughout the Motor Carrier organization.  

As organizations grow or regulations evolve, our DOT Compliance Software scales and adapts to meet changing needs.  It accommodates new requirements, updates regulatory changes, and supports compliance across diverse fleets or transportation operations to conform to the needs of each individual Carrier.  

Employee Compliance Features


Customizable Solution

The DOT Compliance Solution is easily customizable to provide the Motor Carrier with a solution that meets their needs.

Real-Time Data Visibility

Our DOT Compliance software provides real-time visibility into compliance metrics, enabling the Motor Carrier to track driver activities, monitor HOS status, and receive alerts for violations or potential issues.

Integration Capabilities

Total DOT integrates directly into existing fleet management systems such as electronic logging devices (ELDs) to ensure data is kept up to date, eliminating the need for duplicate data input.

Enhanced Notifications

Our Compliance Solution facilitates efficient sharing of information, notifications, and updates related to DOT Compliance activities and efforts ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

DOT Compliance Modules

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